Three weeks after using a Chromebook as both my personal and work laptop, I am more impressed with it today than I was three weeks ago.  Many reviewers made a point to mention how quick and accurate the keyboard is.  They are not lying.

My completely arbitrary writing goal is 3000 words a day and it isn't the  keyboard holding me back.  CJ said it reminded her of a Mac.  I tried not to bristle too much at that.

Again, it's not for everyone, however I've noticed improvements with the few updates received already.  Also, when they say the dev channel builds are unstable?  They're not lying.   A factory reset on the Chromebook was required to get back to the stable builds - however, and if you're a person who has ever had to install an OS you'll appreciate this, the whole process of doing a hard reset and back to exactly the way I had it before was  maybe 10 minutes?  I know, I should have timed it.  And the process was largely automagical.

Keyboard shortcuts are a huge time saver.  If you haven't been learning the host of Google shortcuts in each of their services, you're not treating yourself.  Spending a day learning new shortcuts will leave with hours of free time at the end of a week.  I never liked 'em, never wanted to learn 'em.  Call me a shortcut convert.

CJ and I have a new addiction.  And by new, I mean month-spanning, hours-sucking addiction.  This is what you do with all that free time you have after learning your shortcuts.  Leveling can be frustrating in the beginning, however both of us felt it got easier the higher level we got.  Or maybe we just understand the game better? 

It is also our dog's favorite game.  He has had several opportunities to explore the university campus and several parks in the area.  

The idea of dogs pissing on trees and marking their territory is an apt metaphor for Ingress.  If you're reading this, and I don't know why you would be, and also want an invite to the beta, feel free to get a hold of me in the plethora of ways Google allows.

The game is really a good way to go out (even more fun with your S.O.!) and get some exercise.  And it's a great excuse to make/eat more of these:

Doughnuts.  I made them.

Simple glaze doughnuts.  Add nutmeg.  Always add nutmeg to doughnuts.  You'll thank me later.