Progress has been made.  Draft 2 1/2ish has been pillaged and sacked.  There are times I long for a tablet to cut down on paper waste, however more often than not, the tactile sensation of chewing through half-mangled papers with highlighters is enjoyable.

I've also gotten better about wrangling drafts and ideas using a combination of Docs and Keep, the latter replacing Tasks as well.  If you haven't started using Keep, you're not treating yourself.


A Chromecast arrived at our door a couple weeks ago.  It integrates well with Play, Netflix, and our various devices running OS X, Windows 7, ChromeOS, and Android.  I look forward to future updates and apps, because despite selling out immediately, there isn't a whole lot you can do with it.

The television we have already has a laptop/HTPC connected to it, so our Chromecast is at times redundant, but overall convenient.  And a  $35 price tag ain't bad for convenience.


This happens more than it should.

Next week, CJ and I head to Kentucky for our Two Year (dating) Anniversary.  We both have a lot of work to do before we leave, making the vacation all the more welcoming.  We're taking different routes there and back, hopefully causing a little Ingress-trouble on the way.