Sunday is Board Game Day.  Vices are encouraged, the food is great, and emotions clench every time you hold the dice.  This week, Zombicide (BoardGameGeek) had been unwrapped, eagerly awaiting setup and play.  There are dozens of places to find breakdowns and reviews, I will just add that for us it became a unanimous first place on our growing list of board games.  CJ and I have been playing it daily since.  There are plenty of expansions, downloadable modifications, and fan made material to keep this game fresh for a long time.  If you're a semi-experienced board gamer burnt out on eurogames, looking for the same-but-different, this is worth the money you'll shell out for it.  The games can stretch out over a couple hours, so give yourself plenty of time.  And play the tutorial.  More than learning the rules, it brings up questions about gameplay mechanics that may spring up later, causing a long game to go much longer.

There are plenty of places to purchase online, but why not call your local game shop first (assuming there is one close by) and see if they have a copy?


I jumped into the Marvel Universe by reading the hundred or so comics involved in the Civil War series.  Admittedly, this is my first experience with graphic novels and have a limited knowledge of the world(s) Marvel has created, however I found myself underwhelmed.   Perhaps I'm missing something?  Next on the graphic novel list, these:

  • Batman - Year One
  • Saga
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Watchmen
  • Maus
  • Batman - The Dark Knight

Who doesn't need a good book recommendation on the life of the Latter-Day Saints' founder, Joseph Smith?  Rough Stone Rolling is a hefty tome, and does dry out in places, but once complete, stays with you.  A rare experience and treat.  If you have an interest in the subject and enjoy a little meat on your steak, this is an intelligent, in depth, and approachable book you will find fascinating long after it returns to your shelf.

There are plenty of places to purchase online, but why not call your local used book dealer or local new book dealer and see if they have a copy?