by Raymond Carver

Gravy, these past ten years.
Alive, sober, working, loving, and
being loved by a good woman. Eleven years
ago he was told he had six months to live
at the rate he was going. And he was going
nowhere but down. So he changed his ways
somehow. He quit drinking! And the rest?
After that it was all gravy, every minute
of it, up to and including when he was told about,
well, some things that were breaking down and
building up inside his head. "Don't weep for me,"
he said to his friends. "I'm a lucky man.
I've had ten years longer than I or anyone
expected. Pure Gravy. And don’t forget it."
No other word will do. For that's what it was.


The first couple rounds through Glass Road [boardgamegeek][zman games] left me feeling 'meh'-ish.   Now, it easily lands in the top 5 games we own.  Though Zombicide has thoroughly dominated our Board Game Day, this is the game CJ and I pull out during the week; paired with a beer or glass of wine, it is a good way to wear down two swirling  minds at the end of a hectic day.

Elements of the game are competitive, however it doesn't require underhanded plays, or an intense competitive attitude to be a strategic (and dangerous) player.  Replayability increases the more you play and it's hard to stick with one approach each game or even each round.  If you've enjoyed something like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, or Agricola, this can be an incredible addition to your collection - just have a little patience.  


My first cognizant glances in the morning are at my Android phone, checking Hangouts for missed messages or Voice for missed calls.  Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google News are the first tabs I open on my Google Chromebook.   Google Keep is opened throughout the day to check off the to-do list and capture the odd idea or two for current or future projects.  Google Drive, Photos, and Docs store a great deal of my digital life and work.  Google+ is the only social network I actively use.  Google Search is so prevalent, I almost forgot to mention it.  Most of our television watching is streamed through a Chromecast.  And I do enjoy reading pdfs and epubs in Google Books on my Android tablet.  This all without mentioning the omnipresent youtube and of course, Blogger.
What I’m trying to say is, while I do not limit myself to only Google services in all cases, if Sergey and Larry decide to close up shop and raise llamas in Colorado, I’m screwed.