Game Nights had fallen by the wayside as work, school, and moving took priority these last few months.  The continual time crunch had us seeking easy-to-learn games with fast player action.  We found our solution in a couple of older games.

Mag-Blast is a simple card game, almost no setup, simple rules, and easy to be competitive by your second or third play through.  Essentially, you build up a ship and shoot the other players out of the sky.  (And if you don't make a noise while lasers are trained on your opponent, you miss.)

Another quick setup and brief explanation of the rules and Talisman is ready to go.  During the player's journey to the inner world, there is potential to make the path harder for others at the table, however the goal is to build up your own character and eventually claim victory at the center of the board.  More in-depth than Mag-Blast for sure, but the approachability makes this a light main course to the Mag-Blast appetizer.

Mag-Blast is self-contained; Talisman has a number of expansions to extend and refine gameplay.  Both are decent additions to any collection, especially if you've grown weary of large setups, long play times, and the dearth of rules one must endure to 'enjoy' game night.


by Naomi Shihab Nye

A teacher asked Paul
what he would remember
from third grade, and he sat
a long time before writing
"this year somebody tutched me
on the sholder"
and turned his paper in.
Later she showed it to me
as an example of her wasted life.
The words he wrote were large
as houses in a landscape.
He wanted to go inside them
and live, he could fill in
the windows of "o" and "d"
and be safe while outside
birds building nests in drainpipes
knew nothing of the coming rain.


The ever-extending 2015 goals list has on it the desire to blog more.  Mostly because in the early morning hours it gets my brain thinking about words.  So while none of this is Shakespeare by any stretch of the imagination, it mayhaps become more frequent.  

Expect more pictures of the animals we are bound to accumulate.