Any 'best of' selection prepends an obligatorily caveat, expounding the assembly of such a comprehensive anthology is as impossible as it is daunting.  Having read the entirety of this series and similar compilations, it would seem this year had to be more difficult than most.  Series Editor David Lehman continues to elevate the standard set by previous tomes in The Best American Poetry Series; this year's Editor, Sherman Alexie has culled a wider assortment of resources, extending the reader's vision of what poetry can be today.  

A smart collection that suffers no theme, however remains focused.   These anthologies are an excellent way to put poetry back in your life, and this title in particular has a bevy of great selections.  Perhaps you could ask your local bookstore to hold a copy for you?  More information on the official page.

Published by Scribner, September 8, 2015.  Review copy received.  


When Nintendo's Virtual Boy was released, no threat of migraines or seizures, no negative reviews, and no price could deter me from coveting this technology.  Twenty years later, the dream is closer to reality.  

A couple weeks ago I snagged the V2 Extra Large Google Cardboard from and am nearing cloud nine.  Paired with the Nexus 6, this easy-to-flip-together viewer is pretty darn neat when it comes to creating immersive experiences on an Android phone.  I search the Play Store nigh daily for new apps; many providing mere snippets, promising fuller fleshed program at a later date.  And this is not a complaint, the trailers, trials, and betas all do what we want it to do:  leave us wanting more.

There are plenty of reliable lists of apps to grab for your Cardboard experience.  Photospheres and 360 degree videos are starting to pop up with increasing regularity.  Both MTV and Discovery have jumped aboard, hopefully expanding the visibility and development of this fun little product.   I noticed yesterday the is now offering EVA material viewer which, for $5 extra, would definitely spring for if I were doing it again.

Brass tax though, is the hubbub worth it?  It is a lot of fun.  Echoing similar sentiments, the potential is there.  And the potential is pretty awesome.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Virtual Boy a la Android.


This is a pumpkin grown from our too-often neglected garden:

Oh, and the wonderful lady holding it?  That's gonna be my wife.
I'm a lucky, pumpkin-having guy.