May brought a big change for CJ and I; of course, I am referring to this wee one on your left. 

We have indulged ourselves in Lovevery toys (which are great), GroVia cloth diapers (also great), and of course loads of baby tech like the Nanit (and breathing wear - incredible) and Hatch Baby scale.  We use the Hatch app to coordinate feedings and diaper changes; that has been a great tool. 

He's cute, happy, and healthy.  What more could you ask for?


Built a new and improved vermicompost bin this last weekend.  Needing to add a lid later; I went ahead and dumped the old bin inside over a bed of finely chopped wet cardboard, topped with the same.  There are some odds and ends (like handles and knobs) to put on, however impatience got the best of me.

This bin is roughly five times as large as the old one and I am looking forward to composting five times the waste and harvesting five times the castings!  Fingers crossed.

We also adopted some 55 gallon barrels to harvest rain water.  Built the stands the weekend before last and am hoping to get started on the actual barrel soon!  

Building the foundations for some sort of microcomputer controlled irrigation system for the garden.  Perhaps automatically delivering worm casting tea?


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