It would be difficult counting the times I had intentions to write a post.  Deliberate procrastination, an item low on the ever-growing to do list.

Our little one is not as little (which is to be expected, however manages to be always surprising), which keeps one quite busy. We picked up the whole menagerie in the Spring and moved to Lincoln, NE.  Since then, it has been the house-moving/cleaning/settling thing.  All slightly complicated by a pandemic. 

New garden beds have been assembled, water barrels are waiting for construction, and the worms are turning our leftovers into great soil amendments.  Looking to add aquaponics into the mix next!

Board games are still getting to the table and I am still trudging through Asimov's Science Fiction Magazines. 

Most of the goings-on have been documented in social media posts.  Obviously some cosmetic changes to this blog.  Fiddling with the layout and colors and such.  I would say "stay tuned", however it may be another year before this gets updated again.  See you then!