We received the latest iteration of the Tap Strap in late April, however settling in to the new home took priority.  Starting July 1st, I made the commitment to practice with it every day. 

Plenty of details exist here; sufficed to say, I have become a little enamored with this wearable keyboard.  There is a learning curve, for sure, but a lot of potential for anyone willing to explore the ins and outs of this device. 

Starting with Coursera courses, I've been acquiring some insight into home automation, python, Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi; I envision the Tap Strap 2 becoming an essential component of those systems later.

CJ surprised me with this gem on the right. In short, it is a cell phone stabilizer.  You can read more about it here.  I did not even know such a thing existed.  It has only been a short time, however since getting it I've been following Baby E around constantly.  

It is great for time-lapse photography, taking smooth videos (especially of a running child), and excellent panoramas (my personal favorite).  And it doubles as a highly adjustable phone stand if you have the need.

Antelope Park Playground

The Lincoln Children's Museum - Lunar Lander

We have been measuring our garden harvests by the bushel this year.  Which is a pleasant change.  Although the garden got off to a slow and often late start, it is a joy to see what (and what amount) has fruited. 

Already dreaming of next spring, a stack of seed catalogs with circles and arrows sits on the edge of my desk.  Attempting to grow food instead of (crab)grass.  CJ has me talked into a greenhouse and I have her talked into solar panels - looking forward to the year ahead!