Todoist has been instrumental to any forward progress I've made in the last two years; it would be hard to imagine it not being a critical tool in the next two, at least.  For me, I've organized it with some semblance to David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) approach and found success in keeping the myriad of little (and big) things in order.  Mostly.  Try Todoist Premium for 2 months, FREE.

Tap Strap 2, the one handed, wearable keyboard, has been mentioned here and on my various social media pages a few times.  There's a learning curve, however after about a year with the device, the payoff seems worth it. As of a few days ago, I am as proficient with my non-dominant had as I am with my dominant. Thinking this thing may be for you?  $10 Off Tap Strap 2, use promo code: REFVB447JBRRT  (And I believe, as of this writing, one can get an additional $50 off with an Amazon coupon)

Google Pay (I *think* it's like a $5 credit?) -  Google has been encouraging people to use the new Google Pay app.  If you haven't yet, click the link and get some money.

CJ & I have had a good experience with Google Fi, primarily traveling around Eastern Nebraska, but have not had problems when going cross-country (which has been limited in the last year).  Anywho, if you're thinking about switching over, here's a Google Fi $20 credit towards your bill.

And if you are looking to connect, there are a ton of places to find Ol' Matthias Cole online.  Below is a non-comprehensive list:

Facebook : matthiascole
Twitter : @matthiascole
Instagram : @matthiascole
Goodreads : matthiascole

I don't play a *ton* of online games, but when I do, I am here:
Google Play Games : MatthiasColeAgain
Stadia : matthiascole#8368
Steam Friend Code: 182488655
Nintendo Friend Code: SW-5756-4684-4978
PS4: matthiascole

Lots of little things happening around the homestead.  Looking forward to getting through these cold temperatures and out into the garden.


Terraforming Mars by Fryx Games has hit the table with an increased  frequency (this and Food Chain Magnate - more on that in another post) lately.  CJ & I taught the base game (with the Prelude expansion) to our lil' board game group, and remembered what a solid game experience it offers.  

There are valid critiques, of course, and they are repeated often elsewhere. The expansions, too, are ripe for picking apart, but its imperfections remind one not to take the whole board game thing too damn seriously.  It is a fun game to teach, to replay, and to expand upon.

Adding the Prelude expansion in with the Base game is not a *must*, but darn close.  Mostly it gives the game a little kick in the pants speed-wise and can help define a strategy going forward.  

The Start
by Matt Mason

It probably started
in a whisper, a murmur,
a low tone hardly caught by the papers,
a sticker, a poster,
God, is that man on the corner
a brick wall with slogans in fresh black paint
it probably started with a shove,
some bluster, a gunshot,
crushed fingers, it probably started
with a speech that caught the right ears
on an otherwise happy day,
yellow flowers in a wooden stand on the sidewalk,
red apples, radio
trying hard to smooth out the mood,
kid hurrying past, thinking,
about me,
pulls his hat low,
it probably started
with another man
drunk on swagger,
it probably started
with a small crowd
coaxing exciting lies,
it probably started
with a neighborhood’s head bowed
as the drone grows each day
(though they’ll claim
it came
in a quick, monstrous surprise).

from The New York Times, 01/10/21