Several projects have been lifting off at The Lazy E Ranch.  We had dying trees cut down from the back yard; planning to replace them with something shorter and fruit-bearing!  

Assuming I can get an automatic door working, some of this space will become a chicken run and composting area.  Now that the view has changed, I imagine our vision will, too.  The consideration to move and rearrange the garden entirely has been a dangling thought for both CJ & I.

After a few months of dealing with unresponsive contractors, we are also toying with the idea of constructing our own greenhouse back here, too - though weather and schedules have  prevented this from materializing in any form whatsoever.  May be booted until next spring.


On MarsVital Lacerda's 2020 Golden Geek Heavy Game of the Year Nominee (beat out by Gloomhaven's 'Jaws of the Lion') has been circling the table for a few weeks now as I try to learn how to play the darn thing.  Which, I think I have finally have done. 

Considered Lacerda's heaviest game yet, it has been a rare treat to poke around the mechanics and design before muscling through the meat of play.  On deck is a play-through of the collection we have amassed. 

If you are the sort of person who enjoys tabletop games, industry history, and board game evolution, check out:  The Ascent of Board Games podcast.  I binged the first 36 episodes over two weeks and do not regret a minute of it.  Though it will not be kind to your game wishlist, fair warning.

Most Days I Want to Live
Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Not all days. But most days
I do. Most days the garden’s
almost enough: little pink flowers
on the sage, even though
the man said we couldn’t eat
it. Not this kind. And I said,
Then, gosh. What’s the point?
The flowers themselves,
I suppose. The rain came
and then the hail came and my love
brought them in. Even tipped
over they look optimistic.
I know it’s too late to envy
the flowers. That century’s
over and done. And hope?
That’s a jinx. But I did set them
right. I patted them a little.
And prayed for myself, which
is embarrassing to admit
in this day and age. But I did it.
Because no one was looking
or listening anyway.